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2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sahara, Black 4Door
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Alright so for some reason I have no problem checkin oil in any car but for some reason I cant get it right in my own car (2018 JK). I recently (within the last 5 months) changed my oil and I haven't put too many miles on it since then (maybe 3k at most). That being said, I know that 5 months ago I had the exact right amount of oil in my car. However, I run 35's with stock gearing (which I hopefully shouldn't be doing for too much longer now) and I wonder if my engine is over working itself because I do push it pretty heavy on weekends I wont lie. That being said, surprisingly, there is not a single thing my car has not been able to do with stock gearing and 35's which has actually astounded me. Just a little FYI for y'all I guess; don't recommend it but if you need to stock gearing can work with 35's.
Anyways, I check my oil frequently and I always check before I have turned my engine on so the oil is always settled when I check (though I have heard sometimes you should do it after the engine has run for a couple minutes?.... if you recommend that let me know and tell me why). I think my issue is coming from how I have been taught to check my oil so please correct me If I am doing this wrong. I pull the dipstick, I look at what level the marker says it is at just for good measure but this is not what I gauge it off of, I wipe the dipstick clean, I reinsert the dipstick, I pull it back out and then I go off of that measurement. Over the last 5 months I have maybe put in a quart and a half... I do not know if this is too much or too little or what...
Anyways, the problem is sometimes when I take the dipstick out the first time the oil looks fine then when I reinsert it looks like its low. So I think, okay add oil. And then other times I pull it out and it looks low at first but then I wipe and reinsert and it looks fine or maybe even looks a little high, so i'm like okay chill out bro. It also depends on how long I decide to wait after reinserting the dipstick. Today I checked my oil, looked really low (after a 300 mile drive home, another 50 miles of driving around Seattle area and then another 50 miles offroad yesterday), I decided to add a bit, and then I wondered if I added too much because, well, anxiety and IDK what im doing as much as I like to think I do. I pulled the dipstick again, it looked fine but to make sure I went ahead and wiped it clean, reinserted, pulled out and it looked like the oil was an inch above the full line?! Only this time, after I wiped it clean and reinserted, I had to go grab something so I came back like a minute later and checked it. Would leaving it in there for a bit make the level look higher than it actually is? Would it make it look MORE accurate then if I were to pull it out quickly?

So here are my questions:
1. Am I following the right process for checking my oil? As far as I know I am... (and I doubled checked online to make sure I am not an idiot. Turns out I am an idiot but at least im checking my oil correctly according to online sources)
2. Do you think oil level being burned out quickly is an issue if I am working my engine that hard on 35's with stock gearing?
3. How frequently should I be adding oil (I know this depends on how much I drive and what kind of driving, but on average what would you say, because ive added about 1.5 qrts in 5 months)?
4. I want to check to see if my oil really is overfilled but I feel like starting my engine to see if it decides to blow up is the worst idea for checking if my oil is overfilled, is there anything else I can do?
5. Am I better off just changing my oil and saying **** it to all these other questions just to make sure I get my oil level right and not end up costing myself thousands in damages? I mean honestly an oil change is only 25 bucks so and an hour of my time so... Still though I would like to know the answer to these questions above even if I do this so that I dont have to change my oil every time I think I need to make sure its at the right level😂.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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