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In this thread I'm going to compile links to; build threads with Chevy small block swaps, Chevy Lsx swaps, and threads that contain information for Chevy power train swaps. As well as the links to commonly used parts retailers.
These list are nowhere near complete, if you know of a thread, or useful part I've missed post it, use the same format if you can to keep things easy for people to search through.

Build threads

305tbi, Th400, Np241 -Kywaterman

350tbi, Ax15, Np231 -Cajon Yj

350 Carbed, Th350, Np231 -Scooby88

350Tbi, 700r4, Np231 -TexasDemon84

406 Carbed, 700r4, Np231 -bigboystoys

350 Carbed, 700r4, Np231 -sslopok

350 Carbed, 700r4, NP233 -mandng0

350 Carbed, TH400, Np241 -Felsengleiskette

350 Carbed, Th350, Np41 -Crashzx6r

4.3 Carbed, Nv3550, Np231 -Kruger (lots of info)

4.3 Carbed, AX15, Np231 - 1Sas (very detailed, Great Thread)

Lsx Swaps

6.0, Th350, Np231 -89JEEPYJ

5.3, Nv4500, Np241 -JasonH28

5.3, 700r4, Np231 - rausch42

5.3, NV3550 -GeorgeC (This is in a TJ but could be helpful)

LS3, AX15, Np231 -ELIMINATOR (In a TJ, but slick build)

Information Threads

Radiator hose

Fuel Line connector, TBI

Sm456, Chevy 4speed

LsxRT intake usage

Discussion on Fuel injection or carburetor

Novak Gm engine into Yj section
Chevrolet & GM Engine Conversions in the Jeep YJ Wrangler


Novak- Lots of conversion Parts, mounts and adapters
Novak Jeep Conversions - Home

Advance Adapters - Adapters, motor mounts, and various parts | Engine & Transmission Conversion Adapters - Advance Adapters

JB Conversions
- Slip yoke eliminators for Np241 (fullsize Chevy/Dodge transfer), Np231(Jeep, Chevy, Dodge) And various parts. Good people to deal with.
JB Conversions, Inc.

M.O.R.E - Weld in Motor mounts, high quality and heavy duty.
Jeep Motor Mounts YJ Wrangler Converting to Chevy V-8 (small or big block) engines from Mountain Off-Road (M.O.R.E.)
Mountain Off-Road JM400 - M.O.R.E BombProof™ Motor Mounts in Bare Steel for 87-95 Jeep® Wrangler YJ with GM V8 - Quadratec


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Gm Conversion Radiators
In order from cheapest to most expensive. Remember, sometimes with a higher price your just buying the name, yet at the same time, you get what you pay for..... I only included a few, these are the main ones I see people using.

Champion Cooling $210 Champion CoolIng Systems, CC8102, 3 Row All Aluminum Replacement Radiator for Jeep Wrangler YJ *(Chevrolet Conversion): Automotive

Advance Adapters $415-$576
Radiators | Advance Adapters

Novak $589
Radiator for the Jeep YJ Wrangler with Chevy & GM Engines

The cheapest, and possibly best, route would be to use a universal GM radiator from one of the big three (Summit, Jegs, Speedway) BUT, they will not simply bolt in as these do, you would have to figure out a way to build mounts for it.

Another option would be to find a local radiator shop. Talk to them, tell them what your doing and see if they can custom make you something. Support the local man, it pays off in the long run.

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LSx Wiring
There are several options when it comes to wiring a Ls motor. If you feel like putting in the time and looking to save a few bucks cutting down a factory Gm harness can be done. Many companies such as Painless make pre-made wiring harness'. Then there are new, custom harness that can be bought to fit your needs.
Store Bought and Custom Built
Search Results | Painless Performance
Search Results | Painless Performance


ls harness from Speedway Motors, America's Oldest Speed Shop

Performance System Integration PSI
PSI // Performance Systems Integration // 732.691.6531

Speartech | LSX Harness | LSX Swap Harness | LSX Powertrain Packages | LSX Engine Packages | LS1 | LS2 | LS3 | LS7 | LSA | LS9 | Vortec | 58X | 24X

GM LS-Series Products :: Howell Engine Developments

BP Automotive -Personally know the guy, does great work. (custom Harness)
LS1 Swap | LS1 Wiring Harness | LS1 Rewire Service |

Speed Scene Wiring
- custom harness
Automotive Wiring Harness | LS Fuel Injection Conversion – SSW

Current Performance Wiring -Custom Harness
Current Performance Wiring LT1, LT4, LS1, LS2, LS7 Engine Wiring Systems

Lsx4u - They modify factory harness and sell engines.

Cutting Down a Factory Harness
This subject has literally TONS of info on the internet.
A thread on LS1tech is quite nice.
That forum has a lot of other good information on it.

Thread on cutting down a harness- reno4x4 forum
LS Factory Harness to stand alone How To

A nice article published by GM High Tech Performance magazine
Custom Wiring Harness Build - GM High-Tech Performance Magazine

5.3 harness cut down and install in a Jeep
5.3L Chevy Motor Swap – Wiring Harness | In a Jeep


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Tbi Performance
In this thread the guy is building a 350 Tbi, uses vortec heads and an LT1 cam. The motor was built with low end power in mind. All the posts are educated and seem like good solid information and advice. Covers various situations that arise while trying to modify a Tbi motor.
Cam for my 350 TBI truck -

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I'm considering a 4.3 or 350 sb... I'm going to call Novak in the morning to see what I'm looking at cost wise
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