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"DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Drivers approaching Mountain Creek Parkway on eastbound I-20 had a huge icy hill to climb Monday, and some of them couldn’t make it.
But thanks to a the Chisholm Trial Jeep Club, stranded drivers, even some big rig drivers, were able to continue on their way.
At times on Monday, traffic was at a standstill because of a few stuck tractor trailers. Crews came through and dumped sand which has helped. But the Chisholm Trail Jeep Club deserves a lot of the credit too.
Several men and women, all Jeep owners, out of the kindness of their hearts have been helping drivers and truckers who are stalled or stuck. With winches, straps, four wheel drive and the right tires, they are getting the job done — and they are doing it all for free. They say it’s fun to help stranded motorists.
The Chisholm Jeep Club members plan to stay in the ares throughout the night to help more drivers after the sun goes down."

Jeep Club Rescues 18-Wheelers, Other Stranded Drivers On I-20 « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Video in link above.

Also, more video coverage from Fox News in this link -
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