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I received a Wireless winch control kit for my Superwinch as a gift. I have a LP10,000 model and the kit I received is not intended for my winch (wireless kit part number: 06702). I guess the statement on the box "Fits all superwinch models with solenoids", and a photo on the box that looks virtually identical to mine threw the gifter off.

The way their website is set-up it showed this kit in combination with the lp10000 model winch but didn't (in so many words) exactly say they were compatible, though it lists this wireless kit as a "related accessory" to the lp10000.

So I was curious if anybody knew of the correct wireless kit application for my winch? My winch has a large 3 prong plug and this kit is for winches with a small 7 pin remote plug (apparently)...
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