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Not at higher speed, but low speed and normal around time slow driving, every little or uneven bump in the road, I get a clank/knock. I narrowed it down to the front of the Jeep. Figured something on the suspension or lift. Went through every damn bolt, pulled, pushed, etc. Nothing.
Finally gave up and took it to the one off-road shop we have in town and dropped it off. They went through everything on suspension and lift and found nothing, but then said the clank is coming from the brake calipers. Said the large tires and rims over time with the vibration, etc, puts more strain and caused expansion on the one rod holding the caliper in. I can reach up in and grab the caliper and there is some movement but I can't make it sound the same way as on the road. Probably not enough force or movement.

They said it will probably keep happening unless I upgrade the brake kit. They didn't really have any recommendations for upgrades.

1) This happen to anyone else? Jeep has 60K miles on it.
2) Any thoughts on upgrades? Checked another thread and someone mentioned the Teraflex Big Brake Kit and it was noted as junk. I haven't seen much else for kits in searching.

Any thoughts or help would be great.Thanks.
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