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Forum Policy:

15 Post Minimum.
You must have at least 15 posts at WranglerForum to be able to create a thread in the 'Buy, sell, trade or wanted' subforums (aka Classified section).

Personal Sales Only! This area of WranglerForum is reserved for selling personal items. Here are a few basic rules/guidelines that you should follow, as well as some tips to help you with your selling item. This also means "your" personal items. Also, No person shall sell any item on behalf of a business. If you are a business and would like to advertise your goods here - please consult with one of the site administrators first! Any company selling items without prior permission will have their offending threads removed.

All personal classified ads must be placed in the Buy, Sell, Trade section of the forum and no where else.

No linking items that are for sale on other sites such as eBay or Craigslist as part the advertisement. All information about the item for sale will be located on this forum unless it is a link to the manufacture's website.

Do not create more than one thread for an item. We ask than you do not list something for sale/trade/wanted more than once. If you have several items to sell, you can list them all in one thread or in separate threads.

4x4 related Parts Only! We're not here to buy soiled mattresses! This is a Jeep site, and thus Jeeps are the point of interest here. If you feel a special need to post something non-4x4 related, consult with a forum leader first. Items that would be ok are things like suspensions, coils, leafs, engines, transmissions, transfer cases, frames, bodies/tubs, etc.

People love pictures! Blind buying makes people somewhat skeptical - if you can, or if appropriate, include some photos of what you're trying to sell

Pricing? We strongly suggest you include a price. The infamous "Make offer" statement can drive some people crazy. Even if you're looking at an offer - we all know you're expecting at least something, give us a ball park figure, and slap an O.B.O. (Or Best Offer) on there! If it's free, then of course let everyone know that too.

How am I paying?
Cash? Money Order? Paypal? A herd of sheep? Let everyone know how you'd like to exchange funds.

Location! You need to select the state where the parts are located. It is recommended that the name of the city where the parts are located be mentioned somewhere in the thread in case someone is considering picking up the parts in person.

Mark your ad as sold! When your item is either sold or you no longer need what you are looking for, please post a reply stating "sold" so we can take care of the thread. We would like to keep our for sale section clean so that people know when something is posted that it is either still for sale or wanted by someone. We will do our best to delete threads I know of that are no longer valid. If you don't want any further offers and want to tell people a sale is pending that is fine but please let us know when it is finally sold so we can take the ad down.

Failure to follow the rules of this forum WILL result in removal of your thread.

If you're having trouble finding your thread it's because it has been deleted. Any violation of the rules of this forum will result in complete removal of the thread. You will not get a warning, a PM or a friendly email. It gets removed from the forum.

Be courteous and stay safe! Keep in mind, this section is here as a courtesy to our active members and forum supporters. Use these classifieds at your own risk. While we hope these few restrictions will help assure smooth transactions we do not police these ads for content, veracity or legitimacy and you agree to use them at your own risk.

All threads that have been inactive for 6-months will be removed from the board.

Thank You
WF Staff
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