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Clean, cheap rock light install

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I wanted some rock lights for some night time fun.
I didn't really want super bright lights or lights that are large in size.
So I ordered 4 of these..

I purchase 4 of the black ones in Cool White.

I also picked up a rocker switch off of ebay, labeled "rock lights"
I put the front two in the fender wells right behind the fender support brackets. For the rears, I put them in the flat area in the wheel well liner behind the rear tires. The lights themselves are brighter than expected. They are the same lights that I used for my front blinkers and for my reverse lights.
Total cost was 45 bucks including wire, switch, lights and some wire loom. I had some splices already.
Let me know what you think, and post up some pics of your current rock lighted rig!


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I got the 1 watt waterproof wide angle led's from oznium. I did it a few years ago and they were $20 each. I went with red. I put one front center, another rear/center. and then one on each side. The side ones are on the bracket that holds the body mount. the front/rear ones are mounted so it'd be virtually impossible to hit them while wheelin' hard.
How did you mount the lights in the rear?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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