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Cleaning Plasti-dipped Flares?

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Currently in the process of plasti dipping my fender flares. I was wondering how everyone cleans theirs if they're plasti dipped. Has anyone tried tire foam? It cleans rubber tires so maybe it could clean rubber flares. I would hate to spend the time plasti dipping the flares if they're gonna get permanent mud stains the first time I go wheeling with them.
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I just bed lined mine. Used 2 cans for 3 coats. It came out great IMHO. 7.99 per can + 20% off coupon at Harbor Freight. Only issue I had was not letting dry for the Entire day and when I put them in the back seat to transport some stuck to the seat. Now its been a week and they look great and give a little contrast to the shiny paint. Time will tell how easy mud will rinse off.
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