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I just purchased a 2006 LJ with both the hard and soft tops. Winter and spring in that Pacific NW are very rainy so I am going to keep the hard top on until summer arrives. The plan, at least at this time, is to put the hard top on for Winter and Spring and run it topless during Summer and Fall. When it rains during Summer and Fall I will drive my other car.

I need to store the soft top for about 9 months while I decide whether I am going to keep it. The prior owner left the soft top outside so it is pretty dirty and faded. I want to clean it before storing it.

The plan is to wash the cloth portion with regular car wash soap, let it dry and then store it. Should I do anything other than just washing it such as using ArmorAll or something similar on it? I have the space to store it extended (i.e. not folded up). Is it worthwhile to store it extended to avoid creating permanent creases in the fabric? I ask because I used to have a Triumph TR-6 and whenever it was going to be stored for a period of time I kept the top up to avoid creases in the fabric.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Solid plan you have using the hard top for the crummy weather months.
My factory soft top is still in excellent shape because I do not use it year round.

I like having the soft top available because it's nice to run windowless, and pop them in when it rains.

I have been storing it folded, frame zip tied, and hanging on a ladder rack. Windows stay flat hanging on plastic clips. No creasing issues.

I just wash it while it's on the Jeep with a long handled brush dipped in whatever car wash soap is in the bucket. I make sure it completely dries before folding it up.
Congrats on the new LJ.
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