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Hey I just installed some arched Cloaks on my 89 YJ (factory AC).
Everything went great & they look fantastic.
However I ran into one little snag.
My 89 yj is equipped with factory ac. Originally the ac dryer was mounted to the passenger inner fender.
I’ve looked at the pdf instructions several times & see no mention of it (unless I missed it?).
There’s no holes for it on the inner fenders & not enough slack in the lines to pull it way up on the inner fender.
How should I mount it?
(Right now I have it temporarily safety-wired to a bolt.)
Edit; in hindsight that’s a dumb question lol. I’ll just mark the holes on the dryer bracket on the inner fender & drill the 3 holes. Then pick-up 2 more matching bolts at the hardware store & mount it.
FYI: For those YJ’s that have factory AC there is no allocation for the dryer so you’ll need to drill your holes & get more bolts to mount it.
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