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Good Afternoon everyone,

Has anybody had to remove their clutch pedal yet and can give some advice on how to get it out of there? The spring that is wound around the pedal post snapped on mine and came shooting down at my foot one day, I figured oh no biggie im sure there is just a clip or so holding it in there ill order a new one for 50 buck and just swap it. Well, ive tried for 2 days to get the pedal disassembled and cant figure it out. Every diagram ive seen appears to just have a C clip on the end of the rod running through the brake pedal and the clutch pedal, but I cant see any clips on mine. (not like there is much room up under there to see anyhow. There could be one on the outside (fender side) of the rod that I cant see and I really cant seem to get access to it. but I can see the inside of the rod and cant see a clip on that side (unless im missing the clip). I got the master cylinder off it just pops on and off the post of the Pedal.

I was just hoping someone has tackled this before and had an easy solution for taking it apart.



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