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Clutch Question

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I have a 2002 Wrangler X with a 5 Speed Manual. I've noticed the last couple weeks that when I start out 1st and 2nd gear seem like they maybe aren't catching as well as they should? It's almost like when someone doesn't know how to drive manual and the jeep will kind of bounce. I know its not my driving haha. I was wondering if that's maybe from the clutch starting to go bad or maybe I need to change the fluid in my trans? I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated.
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How many miles are on your clutch? The OE clutch is usually good for pretty close to 200K miles if not more than that.
I've got 104k miles.
104K miles is a little premature for a TJ's clutch to go bad, not that it can't happen, but I'd at least try changing the transmission's lubricant first. For your NV3550 transmission, Redline MTL and Royal Purple Synchromax are good choices. So is Amsoil's Synchromesh.
Ill give that a try.
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