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Hey there!
I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0. It's just my play toy really I use to ride around lower Alabama. With that being said I don't drive it all that much. I go to drive it last week first time in about two weeks. I had pressure on my clutch pedal but it wouldn't activate the clutch. I tried bleeding the master/slave cylinder in the Jeep. I wasn't getting any fluid out of the bleed hole on the slave cylinder( there was fluid in the master cylinder). So I went to the auto parts store bought the master and slave cylinder together came pre-bled system. Still not working... this would be the third time I have replaced the clutch, could it have went out again. Some people have told me that jeeps are known that if you don't drive them the clutch and flywheel will rust together. With all this rain we have been having down here I wouldn't put it passed the Jeep lol
Has anyone had this issues or got any trick I could try. I am running out of ideas besides replacing clutch...again! Thanks in advance!
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