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I have a 2011 wrangler 6 speed with 18k miles. I have recently just had the throw out bearing replaced under warranty. I asked if they would be able to just do a whole clutch job, and they said they'd check to see of anything was wearing. (typical dealer) Now, just about 500 miles later, there is a noticeable amount of "leeway" in my clutch. I have to press is down almost halfway before I start to get much resistance. I started noticing it the other day, and it's been getting slowly worse. Clutch also seems like it may be catching a tad but later in the release every day. Does anyone have an answer? Should I call and explain to the dealer what's going on? My thought are that I will need a whole new clutch, but not sure. That's why I'm posting. Any info would be awesome!
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There should be an adjustment somewhere. I've had to do it on other vehicles, but my JK is an auto so I have no specifics for it.
Check your brake fluid reservoir, if it's low you could have a cracked or leaking hydraulic hose or your slave cylinder calved.
There should be an adjustment somewhere
The jk is a non adjustable hydraulic clutch unfortunately

Most likely it's the slave cylinder. They could have reinstalled it weird or it could be broken
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