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Hey Everyone,

Were going to be heading out with a few buddies and I wanted to have a CB Radio handy since everyone else in our group has one. I ended up purchasing the Cobra 19DX CB Kit from 4wheelparts.

Here is a list of things I purchased for the install:

1. Cobra 19DX CB Kit -
2. 16 Gauge Wire (red+black) to match radio wiring
3. Mini Add-a-Circuit from O'Reilly Auto Parts
4. 3-Way Mobile CB Antenna Mount -

I ran all the wires under the passenger side panel carpet all the way behind the speaker unit in the back. Ran the wire adjacent to the tailgate power cables and under the molding to exit on the outside of the tailgate.

I'm posting bunch of pictures to help you guys out, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on how I could have made the install better.



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