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Cobra 75WXST CB Radio with mount, cable, connectors, and antenna. Perfect working condition. Everything you need to get up and running. Located in Hartville, Ohio. $95.00


1x - Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio (75WXST)
1x - Firestik (FS4-B) Black 4' 900W Tunable Tip CB Antenna (FS4-B)
1x - Firestik K-4A Stud with Screw-On Coaxial Termination (K-4A)
1x - 18' RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors (TS-18CC)
1x - Cooltech VersaMount2 CB Mount (JK11CTVER2)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts