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My current list of modifications:
2" Old Man Emu springs
Long travel OME shocks
315/70R17 Hankook Dynapro MT
17" MB TKO Wheels
4.56 gears
Nitro axle sleeves
Crawler Conceptz Skinny front stubby bumper
Rock Krawler Front Adjustable track bar
RK Front adjustable control arms
JKS Quicker front swaybar disconnects
RK Rear adjustable disconnects
Uniden 520xl CB radio
Firestik antenna mounted on a cowl mount
Bed Tred interior carpet
OR-Fab rock sliders

Parts that are not installed yet:
Teraflex rear track bar bracket
RK Rear track bar
Teraflex exhaust spacers
Synergy break line relocation brackets
Vacuum Pump relocation bracket
C gussets

I purchased my 2013 Sport in March of 2014 with a whole 43 miles on it. It had 3.21 gears and a 6 speed manual transmission. I bought one with no frills hoping that it will last longer with less electronics.

The first thing I did was replace the small wheels and tires with some factory 255/75R17s. It was nice in the short term.

I wheeled it like this for a few months and was happy with the overall function of the Jeep. I added a Cobra 19 CB and the antenna was mounted to the rear tail light.

I added some 285/75R16 Treadwright Guard Dog M/T tires mounted on 16” Steel wheels. This combo was heavy but I was happy with having a M/T even with the 3.21 gears. I just used 4 lo a bunch. I also chopped the factory front bumper and removed the front air dam. About this time I also added JKS quick disconnects and 18/59 springs with rubicon shocks.

I then trimmed the front fenders.

After riding around with a heavy tire and wheel, I regeared my Jeep to 4.56 gears. This made life a little easier. I added a Crawler Conceptz Skinny stubby bumper.

Then added some Inspired Engineering flood lights to the bumper. 6.5t Shackles were added to the shackle tabs.

At some point I switched my steel wheels out for alloy wheels to shave about 10lbs of weight. It helped. I moved the CB antenna front the 3rd tail light and moved it up front to a cowl mount that I purchased from right channel radios and mounted a 3’ Firefly antenna to.

I added a 2” Old Man Emu springs and paired them with the Long Travel shocks. Here it is sitting next to a 2.5” Teraflex coil spring lift.

Then I added a Rock Krawler adjustable front track bar, Rock Krawler adjustable front control arms, and Rock Krawler rear adjustable swaybar links. This picture shows the front axle at full droop.

With the new room from the lift I added 315/70R17 Hankook Dynapro M/T tires mounted on some 17” MB TKO wheels. At 28 psi the tires were right at 34” and with my procal it matched my speedometer to my gps pretty much exactly.

Took her out with a JKU that’s on a 3.5” RK and 35” Teragrapplers. We didn’t bother airing down or disconnecting the swaybar.

And here is a video of the same area:

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Looks good man, Love me a clean 2 door build.
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