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thejafe said:
You will NOT have rubbing problems with stock wheels that have 5.5" backpacing which most if not all do. If you are using 31x10.50's (which is what you should be running if you only have a BB) you will be perfectly fine... countless Jeep owners run that setup. The only reason you would need wheel spacers or rims with different backspacing is if you are running a tire wider than 10.50". IF so then you WILL rub the spring perch.

I have to disagree with part of this post. On my jeep, 31x10.50 Duelers rubbed when turned to lock. Actually, the tires hit before you reached the lock position by about 1/2 a turn of the steering wheel (Measured after I changed the backspacing.) So it is my belief that a 10.5 inch wide tire, with factory (5.5") backspacing will rub when turning hard, also decreasing your turning radius. I would recommend changing the backspacing by buying new rims or installing wheel spacers.

This also allows for a wider stance of the jeep, which helps counter (somewhat) the effects of lifting it in relation to the center of gravity. Basically, makes the jeep more stable.

Just my thoughts.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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