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Coil spring Replacements

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We have an 06 Rubicon with a fulltraction long arm lift on it, the ride has gotten a bit rough and was sagging pretty bad in the rear end with a tool box in the back. so my dad purhcased some daystar spacers to add some more bounce to the springs, well now the problem is it seems to be alot of effort to keep it on the road striaght, plus i think it changed the front end geometry so now the steering stabilizer bolt is rubbing.

but in any event we are probably looking at doing a spring swap, and i would like some ideas for a Set of springs that have good on and offroad manners my dad uses this to go 40+ miles one way daily. any help would be appreciated.

i think the current springs are 4.5" or 4" lift springs. i do know it is a long arm lift.

i was looking at AEV, Teraflex and Rockkrawler.
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How big were the spacers?
you put them on all 4 springs?

If you already have 4 or 4.5" springs, what size are you wanting to go up to? or are you not looking to go bigger, just looking for opinions of a more stout spring?
Rear spacers will only raise the Jeep. They have absolutely no effect on rate of the springs. So I'm not sure what you mean by your "bounce" comment.

As for the front end, he added spacers but didn't reset the toe and caster? If he doesn't know what he's doing, the jeep needs to visit someone who does so that the axle can be properly positioned.
No we did not reset the toe and Caster, actually we just mainly want the lift where it was, he was having an issue with the Spring popping out of it perch at full extension so we added the spacers to stop that and it performed well when we went to ocotillo wells in OCT, but i test drove it last night and im not sure if i am partial to my new Jeep or not, but his seemed like it was all over the place as in it actually required work/effort to keep it straight on the road.

once we change the springs and get everything back to what it should be we will take it and have it aligned properly, we did not realize that adding the spacers would make much difference, but my dad was trying to save as much money as he could but did not work so well. so he now realizes he needs springs and i am trying to get the best info that i can so we can do this once. Full Traction support sucks...i emailed them a few months ago and never got a response.
To save some $$, do the alignment yourself.

Here is a great write up to explain it all to you.
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