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A little background first:

The 2014 model year seems to have quite a few that run warmer than normal for the 3.6, our '14 has been one of them.

Our factory radiator died at 2 years/45,000 miles and the thermostat shortly after that. I researched aftermarket radiators at that time and the only aluminium solution on the market was Mishimoto, which had terrible reviews. So we replaced ours with the OMIX-Ada factory style, which held up until removed at 95,000 miles. The fit was little off and it didn't "cool" any better than factory, we did a complete flush at the same time. So I wasn't completely happy with it.

At 95k miles I started on the 100k service items, aside from maintenance my goal was to get the Jeep cooling as well as our '16 and '18 JKs cooled. I replaced the water pump, belt, pullys, tensioner, PCV & plugs along with a flush. To my dismay temps remained about the same, maybe slightly better.

So there began my radiator research (again). I'd seen Cold-Case on the forum but didn't know anything about them. After researching a bit I decided to give them a shot.


Install is straight forward, no different than the factory radiator. Just pull the old radiator, swap the 4 rubber boots and install the new. Unlike my previous radiator this one mounted perfectly. It also came with all new hardware.


My drive to work is what I used as a comparison.
The first 5 days, temps were in the 90s.
The trip is:
  • 15 minutes of highway driving- normally around 217, NOW average 208
  • 5 minute standstill on off ramp- Normally will hit 228 and fan will cool it down. NOW 221 max.
  • .5 miles slow traffic- normally hits 228 and cools, NOW 211 average.
The next 2 work days, outside temps dropped to 70s.
  • Highway- Hits 203/204 then drops to 197 and climbs back up again. Rinse and repeat. This is pretty much exactly what our '18 does.
  • Offramp/standing still- hit 206 once, mostly around 203. Again pretty much like the '18.
So right now I'm a week and a half in and finally, after 5+ years and 100k miles, happy with how my Jeep cools. I'll check back in and report on how the radiator holds up, hopefully it lasts a long time :)

Obligatory pics:

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