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Ok heres the deal..i know there has been posts about this but I'm taking it 2 steps. I have 03 rubicon (4.0L) and on cold start up the engine turned 10-12 times before it finally fires up. The only way to prevent excessive turnover is to stick the key in and turn it to pre-ignition and wait 10-15 seconds for everything to prime. Even doing that sometimes doesnt stop the spitting.. My primary thought was the anti-drainback valve inside the fuel pump assembly. So i dropped 200 bones and the fuel tank...replaced the assembly and its still doing the same thing...the next thing i tried was new battery terminals because my old ones didnt make a good connection with the battery....was thinking maybe this is a "computer" issue. THAT still didnt work. So this was 32 degrees...nice and cold...I tapped the gas and it fired up on the second turnover. It was a little hesitant at first but the the rpm climbed up to normal.

Now I'm thinking this could be a sensor issue...crank or cam postition....anyone have any ideas/thoughts??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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