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Comments or thoughts on a 06 rubicon

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I have located a 06 rubicon with 25000 miles, and im thinkin of buying it in the next few days. Its in perfect shape, looks brand new, and hasn't been modded at all. My question to all of you is, are the 06's known for any specific problems?
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Wranglers are money pits, it doesn't matter what condition/issues you get they still absorb every available penny you have. If your not paying for parts to fix it, your either paying for upgrades or trying to brake something so it can be upgraded, I mean fixed....

My 06 LJ Rubicon had the rear main seal replaced before I bought it used (Typical 4.0L issue for all years), and I replaced an O2 sensor. Other than that there is the potential OPDA issue (Mine is in excellent condition) but that shouldn't be an issue at 25k miles.
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