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I had the right taillight replaced under warranty. Now, same one has condensation/water again.

I called another dealer (out of convenience, close to work), and asked if I really needed to essentially waste an hour of my day for them to see it to order a new one. He said, "Unfortunately yes. There are 'vents' on the bottom of the tail lights, and high power car washes could cause moisture to seep in."

1. Other dealership, looked from 5 feet away, and wrote "Tail Light - Rear" on chipboard. This guys is making me nervous, I guess. Is he going to see I went through one (I did... maybe 3 times in the year of ownership out of convenience) and deny me a tail light????
2. Anyone else have this issue? I find it odd that both times it would be right. Left side is bone dry (and I even took it, left) off to put the MOPAR fuel cover on).

Thanks Guys/Girls!

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