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Conflicting Alignment Specs - Thoughts?

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Hey All -

So I did some additional suspension work (front upper and lower adjustable control arms, front and rear adjustable trackbar) and needed to get the vehicle aligned.

My JK has stock drive shafts and a Teraflex 2.5 inch lift (so far stock wheels and tires as well).

So here is where the conflict begins -

Jeep went to a local auto repair place and they indicated the jeep was at 5.5 degrees caster and 6 or 7 would be more appropriate with my 2.5" lift. I indicated that I thought +4.2 degrees would be ideal and given the adjustable nature of my JK it should be able to get in that range. Auto tech disagreed and said the 5.5 was already technically in spec and he would road test it and adjust to 6 or 7 degrees, not 4.2. Naturally, I declined and left.

Went to a more specialized 4x4 place in Dallas and they had no problem adjusting things and didn't ask any questions. Alignment took over 2 hours tho lol.

My question is who is right? I'd assume the goal would always be to get it close to stock specs (otherwise why buy adjustable components) but thought I'd check around.

New Alignment Specs:

Left | Right

Camber -.5 -.5
Caster 4.3 4.5
Toe .09 .10

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Well technically you can run 6° caster with a 2.5" lift. I would not go any higher. This is with the stock DS. Aftermarket DS 3.5-4° is where i would set it or risk vibes.

Remember more caster = increased pinion angle.
I'm getting an Adams 1310 front DS installed this week (2014 JKUR). This one;

JK FRONT 1310 CV DRIVESHAFT [Spicer Solid U-joints] with T-CASE YOKE & PINION YOKE - Adams Driveshaft and Off Road

The current caster is 3.8, 3.9

Would you recommend having another alignment done after the new DS is installed?
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