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so my dealer is flummoxed. i have a '12 and last year i was driving along and every dash light came on and the dash chimed at me about 3-4 times and the engine cut off. while i was driving in case i didn't already say that. the engine light stayed on for about a day and went off. no other issues driving. i took the jeep in and my dealer worked on it for about 3 days spending about $2k under warranty. they replaced several connections and the integrated computer module. but they could never really figure out what the problem was or is.

it's happened again 3 times since the warranty work was done. i've called to let the dealer know every time. yesterday it happened again and because i'm close to the 12k warranty miles on the repair that was done in May, i took it in this morning. of course, by the time i take it in, the engine light is no longer on. they get no computer codes that help them diagnose and after looking at it all day, they have no fix for me.

instead, the tell me when it happens again, don't turn the car all the way off, just get it running again and bring it straight to the dealership. very convenient and not very frustrating at all. :atomic:
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