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Control arm bushings

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After replacing most components of my front suspension I found out that at least one the lower control arm bushings is worn out and probably is causing my death wobble. I am now wondering should I order a set of polyurethane bushings for the front axle or are the original rubber bushings better. I have seen a set of polyurethane here: Energy Suspension 2-3106G - Energy Suspension Front Control Arm Bushings for 97-06 Jeep® Wrangler TJ & Unlimited - Quadratec
Should I replace all the bushings or only the one that’s bad? The trouble is that I am living in Costa Rica and have to order the parts in the US and that means the most expensive will be the transport so I want to make sure to order the right stuff one time.

Greetings from sunny Costa Rica
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I wouldnt use poly with the roads down there being what they are. On shipping look into Ocean Air cargo out of Miami, I ship alot of tractor parts and whatnot to my brother in Alajuela, its a frieght forwarding Co, I get stuff shipped to Miami for Miami rates and they get it to Costa Rica. Plus its Tico owned so its all in the family!
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