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Copper Brown with Khaki top.

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Does anyone have any pictures of a copper brown jku with a khaki bikini top? I found a really good price for a top and was just wondering how the colors would look together.
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copper brown wrangler with a khaki top - Bing images

I usually like the khaki tops, but I personally don't really like the look of it based on some of these pics
I don't see any pix of a Copper Brown with a Khaki soft top.

Must be no one has done it yet!

I am guessing it'd look long as the Khaki top doesn't look greenish against the Copper Brown paint.
I say Go for it...
I am buying one when I replace mine on an 08 Sahara JKU Red Rock and Tan I think will look nice and break it away from the millions of others that are identical...
I think I will do it. I can the top and header for $64 + tax. Brand new just open box.
Started to order it and found a black one cheaper, also with the header. The header is new and the top returned supposedly new. Guess we will see, $43 is not bad and it's with Amazon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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