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Hi all-

I've had my jeep a few weeks now, about 900 miles on it. i have some questions I'm hoping you all can assist with. Apologies for a long post, may need to break it up but thought i'd combine it all first:

I'm not getting the advertised mpg on it. I have an unlimited hard rock with the 6 speed manual, totally stock right now, no mods yet. At best between 60-65 mph i am getting 19.5 mpg, and it obviously falls off from there going faster. Curious what the speed was where they claim 21-22mpg. Around town i'm getting 12/13.

Obviously I didn't buy the thing for mileage, but wouldn't mind finding a better average if i can. The tanks so far have averaged between 14.5-16.5 mpg combined. The engine still need to break in more?

Also, when I fill up and i'm showing 30 miles remaining- roughly 2 gallons, it only takes about 17.5-18 gallons at pump. I want to make sure i didn't somehow get the 2 door tank. is there any way to check, or is this a jeep safety thing?

Lastly, with the 430n system which i like except for 2 annoyances- A. if i have my phone sync'd for music or book on tape and i stop the tape or shut the car off and start it up later- it automatically switches to radio which is then blasting since the bluetooth connect requires more volume to be heard. also, basically when the 430n is on, it requires to be playing SOMETHING which is annoying, i can't just turn audio off without shutting the whole system off. like if i have nav going, it must be set to radio, or aux, or disc or whatever. the only way to get silence is to shut the whole thing off, or select disc or hdd as long as i have nothing in there. When I do that, i usually have to select them 2 or 3 times because it keeps flipping back to radio- like it is demanding i have something come through the speakers, ha ha! any settings i can change to fix this? if set to radio is there a radio off button or anything? rolling the volume all the way down is also just sort of annoying. Is this just a weird quirk of the 430n?


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