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Top off loosen windshield hinges and drop windshield on a blanket on the hood. Bitch getting it back to the spreader bars. May need some help.

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I did it yesterday. Took and hour and a half. Just be careful.

1. Take Sun Visors off (four Torx screws)
2. Loosen and remove Roll Bar Torx bolts at the top of the windshield. You can leave
the rear attached. (I know others have taken the whole support bar off, but i
figured that if you can roll a car on it, the bar can hold itself for a while. Just don't
hang off it to get into the jeep while you are working.)
3. Remove the lowest Torx Bolt on inside base of the windshield. These are the only
Torx bolts attached to the dashboard speaker grills on the driver and passenger
4. Carefully fold the windshield down. If sticky, use penetrating oil to help the hinge.
Lay on foam pad or just use the two small support posts on the hood.
5. Remove the 7 or 8 screws along the windshield cowl gasket. Don't forget the two
at the end of the gasket tucked in the wider rubber at the edge of the windshield.
6. Remove any gasket adhesive that may be on the windshield frame with a nylon trim
removal tool or credit card so you don't scratch the paint.
7. Re-install new gasket in reverse order.
8. I used some weather strip adhesive to keep the exterior of the seal more water

REMEMBER: When putting the windshield back up. Lift the windshield carefully and tighten the Torx bolts on the Speakers first, THEN slowly alternate from side to side reseating the roll bar Torx so you ease the windshield back with out twisting it.

This is all I have,
You should have fun with this.

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A hint for bringing the windshield back up is, I ran a tie-down strap from my roll bar to the center windshield loop. I then brought the winshield back just enough to start the hinge bolts and upper roll bar bolts. I would crank a little on the strap and begin to tighten each bolt upper and lower as it pulled in. Go slow so as not to tweak the windshield frame.
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