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2007 Auto 112,000k miles.

This problem is sporadic but is preventing me from passing my e-check.

Here's the scenario:
I insert key in ignition and turn it. Nine out of ten times it will fire right up. However, every few starts the cranking will simply pause for less than a second and then resume. When the cranking pauses none of my gauges go dark, whatever components are on stay on. It's almost as if there is a dead spot in the starter (already replaced it last month). What's even more bizarre is each time I have a crank interruption my PCM diagnostic codes all reset to "Not Ready" when viewing through my Torque application. I have not CEL and my history is empty when viewing via Torque Pro.

This reset of the diagnostics code is the big issue. All of my 02 and EGR tests pass after a few cycles of start/stop. However, as you may know, the evap test takes several driving conditions to pass. Because my PCM keeps resetting with each failed crank I can never get the evap tests to complete.

In my mind there are only 2 ways to reset the PCM - send it a code or disconnect battery. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience on their Jeep or any Chrysler product? Is there a common component in open-loop mode that can cause the starter to pause and cause the PCM to lose power? FYI - once this vehicle starts it runs great. No problems whatsoever.

I have tested battery voltage and it's 12.6+ (battery is dated 9/2011). I have not tested cold crank amps but I can tell you that any time I have this problem I can shut the vehicle down, re-crank and fire right up. I've tested this at least 10 times in a row with no loss in crank power.

It's almost as if there is a 'condition' taking place during that first second of start-up that doesn't happen every time - like a sensor position, or even something in the ignition switch.

I have her in the shop now but they are struggling to recognize the pause in cranking because it's very subtle sometimes. However, they are seeing the PCM diagnostics reset.

I'm hoping someone out on this forum has some suggestions for where to look.

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