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First off I have a 2008 JKU Sahara with manual transmission.

A few weeks ago I started having some intermittent stalls while going up hill. Another week or two later and I got an engine light and esp light. The code was P0335. I got a new sensor from a local auto parts store and things appeared to be better.

Now I have been driving it around and still having a few hick ups but mostly after the engine has been running for 30 minutes. It just feels like I have downshifted and drops about 500 rpms. I got stuck on the trail last night and was able to get it home eventually. Now I have 0300 and 0335. I took out the sensor and this is what it looks like.

Top one is the after market and if you look at the picture below it's rounder and not as flat as Mopar part. It started making a noise last night and I just found out it's from the sensor wearing on what I assume is the crankshaft or flywheel?

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