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This is both funny and a little worrisome.
About a week ago I stopped at a local shop and when I come back to my JKU (2015 Sahara) and turned the key. It started fine but with the wipers on (normal slow rate, not intermittent speed). The wiper switch was in the off position. I turned the switch on and off to no avail. I turned off the engine and started again. No change.
I figured it might be some of the wiring in my owner-installed accessory circuits so I disconnected them from the battery. No change. Drove home with the wipers on (beautiful sunny day). When turning into my driveway turned on the signal light. It didn't come on. Now WTF!?
Wondered if it might be something in the wiring in the column or under the dash. Turned on the headlights to see if they worked ... headlights came on, turn signal blinked and the (@$%&!) wipers stopped! What kind of dark witchcraft is this?! I have not been able to duplicate the problem.
Yesterday, stopped, raised the windows, turned off the Jeep. Returned a few minutes later and, upon starting the truck the front [power] windows would not slide down but the back ones did. Turned the engine off and on again and the windows worked again.
I highly doubt the front power windows' circuit is in anyway connected to the circuit(s) for the wipers, signal lights and headlights. However, the one thing they have in common is the same power source.
It has just over 100,000 km so it's off warranty. I'd like to do the work myself but I don't know if there's anything to repair.

1. How concerned should I be about fire?
2. Any thoughts, suggested repairs/replacements or relevant familiarity with the wiring in these things?
3. Will disconnecting and reconnecting the battery accomplish some sort of "reset" or merely generate new problems?
4. Any Jeep electrical jokes or stories?

Thanks, in advance.

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