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Custom JKU Subwoofer

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I've got a super nice custom subwoofer sealed enclosure w/sub for sale. I've got a thread on my sound system build. I just finished the enclosure, I need the money elsewhere and it's the only part of the sound system not bolted down so it's going. I still have the plans I made for the enclosure, so it won't be goodbye bass for too long:eek:

I've got it on ebay right now. Take a look for pics and info.

My Thread in the JK section:

Ebay: JL Audio 8" 8W3V3 4 Custom Jeep Wrangler 4DR Sub Enclosure w Sub | eBay

Ebay's nice because you can pay as much as you think it's worth.

I seriously don't know what I'd value this at. All I know is that I spent many, many hours on this. seriously a ton of time finding the right angles, measurments and internal airspace. I built this super good quality with my wrangler in mind. Take a look.

Anyone that is local can come take a listen to it. I'll meet anyone that want's to at a gas station in town.
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This pic was supposed to be attached to my original post:thumb:


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Any questions? Thoughts anyone?

4 days left on the Ebay auction. No bids yet. The speaker and grille alone are worth more then the opening bid right now!

Come on guys:)
That thing is sweet good work man. If i didnt already have the "infinity" sub in the back I would jump on tis with no hesitation.

Best of luck with the sale, someone will get a nice looking sub and enclosure!
yeeper5150 said:
Will this fit in a 11'?
Yep, it'll definitely fit a '11 JKU=) I think it'll fit JKU's back to '07. But I can't guarantee that.

8 Hours left on the ebay auction. Still less money then the parts even cost. Not to mention the dozens of hours spent planning, researching and building this thing. Hope it sells for a worth while price.

Thanks guys.
Ok so there's been a custom made enclosure on ebay for a while, I think the guy makes them to sell them... It's basically the same thing except it doesn't even have the right airspace for the 8" square kicker sub(He said so himself in the description), The kicker is a lower cost sub as well. and the enclosure has a place for an amp(the amp costs extra), and this guy has it at buy it now for $485... I seriously doubt it sounds as good as mine. Plus I hate how obvious the amp is in his setup... It's just asking to be ripped out of there. Mine actually looks factory to someone not so familiar with Wranglers. Ok, I just checked ebay and it's not on there now. must've sold it. But it was on there for several months, not sure if it was the same one or multiple ones he had for sale.
Hey guys(and gals), 10 minutes left on the auction. Still a $100+ less then what I assumed it would sell for.
Sold. Mods can delete or archive.
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