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Ooops, sorry I didn't see this and just replied to your other thread. 350 for the 8.8 is a pretty good deal. Does it have the limited slip in it?

The front see's far less pressure on it than the rear does. The important part is to take care of that 35 first off. With 33's your D30 should be fine for most of what you are going to do. If have seen some shafts break, but they were all pushin either 35's or 37's and were on some pretty gnarly trails.

But for your application a 60" high pinion D44 would be an excellent way to round out the 8.8. There would be some more things to purchase for that swap though as you would need new steering and such.

Overall I think you will be safe running the D30/8.8 combo. Just pick up some spare shafts and such and get rid of the vacuum acctuated engagement and throw a posi lok in it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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