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OK, I'm running a 30 up front and a 35 in the rear. Modifications done to both but always looking to upgrade. I find these axles locally and really just wondering from ppl with more experience than me.. is this a deal? i know he'll take a lower price and i realize the Dana's have most likely been abused. He is asking $3k. What should i ask? Hell, i would just be happy to get em underneath! Okay, here is his listing......

I have a set of Dana 44, Front and Rear from a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, with upgraded G2 Gears front and rear. I also have replaced EVERYTHING ON THE BRAKES less than 3,000 miles ago. I installed Vented and Slotted over sized rotors, with ceramic Pads, and new Calipers. The axles have air lockers installed and I will remove all the switches and air compressors that go with these axles. I have ordered Full Width Axles for my Jeep so these must go! Please get with me if you are interested, I really do need them gone.

Here is the bad parts. It has an axle seal out on the front axle so it will need to be replaced. Secondly I broke the left front axle last time out with it so it will need to be replaced. I will be more than happy to include the parts for the full, or close to full, asking price. What I would do if it I was keeping it, would be to remove all the axles and install full chorally shafts and put the old axle in the tool box for a spare. Let me know what you think. $3,000 for both or obo.


Ok guys, tell me what you think. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :thumb:
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