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Hi. I'm in discussions with a couple of Toronto area dealers about a JLU Sport Altitude ("23L package" V6 manual), and one of them (and only one of them) says that the option for Trac-Lok limited-slip is "greyed out" in the interface he uses to configure the vehicle for quoting. He seems honestly puzzled, and says he's lodged an inquiry but heard nothing back; this has been almost a week now. I'm not sure what to think is going on; the other dealer has quoted and I can still check the box on the online build-and-price, so I really don't believe that Trac-Lok is no longer available.

Anyone got any insight or guesses as to what's going on? If the factory were having supplier issues, would they "grey out" the option like this? I would expect them to quote, and then to warn of delivery delays when the order is placed.

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