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Dealer Says non-MOPAR Lift Kit Voids 100% of Warranty!

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I'm shopping for a 2-inch lift-and-level for a JK Unlimited. Prices at the shops around here are $4-600. Local Jeep dealer wants $1,100. Says if we do the lift anywhere other than a dealer, the entire vehicle's warranty is trashed! Does anybody know if that's true? Thanks. :eek:
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HEY out there,
I'm a newbie here but this is what I got from "horse's mouth" dealer called "The New Chrysler" dealerships here in PDX (Portland, OR)
I'm just presenting a verbal quote: "The New Chrysler is now discouraging us from actually recommending "Lifts" and/or partners who do them (my guess is it is for liability reasons). continuing - "MOPAR does have an approved lift package featuring FOX RACING shocks and springs and body-mounts, etc..."
LATER, upon my mention of a 4" Mopar kits the answer was: "MOPAR does indeed make a 4" lift kit, but the only ones that are fully-approved and available for install are for the 2007-2010 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED. They have information on a 4" MOPAR Lift for the 2012, but they are still not available because they are trying to iron out some issues with them. They are "available", but they "are not really available" (corporate double-speak). Also, until the issues are worked out, we would certainly not install them even if we could get them, for liability reasons.

I know this all sounds a bit convoluted and vague, but that is the best I can come up with for you."

can anybody translate this into a commonly understood language, please??????
from another dealer I got this: "So the factory warranty will NOT be affected if you go with manufacturer (Mopar) lift. And YES you would have the 3year or 36k mile warranty coverage AND the 5 year or 100k power train warranty coverage."
so, hopefully this muddies up the waters some more; I know - things are different and weird in Oregon, but not to the corporate extent...
summary: it sounds to me that Mopar is their (Jeep included) "approved" part supplier that makes manufacturer of the Jeep comfortable with installing post main production. (because of quality, shape, form, smell, etc...)
my personal opinion - for a BRAND new Jeep, just ordered form the factory to lose any kind of warranty would not be wise = so, I'd go with Mopar just to keep the warranty. after that - free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, don't forget 5 year or 100k power train warranty coverage.
ANY mods that affect drive train = void the warranty.
So, it sucks pretty much in terms of choices for lift if you ORDER your Jeep and you CARE about the warranty coverage.
thanks for your time, that's all I know.
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