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Dealer Says non-MOPAR Lift Kit Voids 100% of Warranty!

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I'm shopping for a 2-inch lift-and-level for a JK Unlimited. Prices at the shops around here are $4-600. Local Jeep dealer wants $1,100. Says if we do the lift anywhere other than a dealer, the entire vehicle's warranty is trashed! Does anybody know if that's true? Thanks. :eek:
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Research the Magnusson-Moss Act, then print a copy and show it to the dealer. In short, by law a dealer or vehicle manufacturer can't LEGALLY void your vehicle warranty simply because you install aftermarket parts.

But a dealer can refuse to provide warranty repairs if the aftermarket part(s) caused a factory part to fail.
He has a "warranty void" alert alarm on his phone :D
I wonder if he sleeps in his Jeep? :rofl:

JK Mike! :wavey:
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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