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Dealer Says non-MOPAR Lift Kit Voids 100% of Warranty!

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I'm shopping for a 2-inch lift-and-level for a JK Unlimited. Prices at the shops around here are $4-600. Local Jeep dealer wants $1,100. Says if we do the lift anywhere other than a dealer, the entire vehicle's warranty is trashed! Does anybody know if that's true? Thanks. :eek:
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One easy way to avoid this problem altogether would be to, once the lift is done, keep all the OEM parts that are switched out (wheels, shocks, springs, ect) and if you ever have to bring the Jeep back to said dealer you could re-install them prior to going to the shop. This is assuming you only go with a BB 2" lift. If your having your lift work done by a local shop ask them ahead of time if they could help you out with this to avoid any problems with you dealer trying to pull a fast one and void said warranty.
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