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Death Wobble Question

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So, I know there are tons of forums here about death wobble but none of them actually answered my question.

Everything on my Jeep was running well. No issues. Took it in for the PA inspection and the shop noticed my ball joints were gone and needed to be replaced. A few weeks later I started getting the death wobble. I took it back to the same shop and they said they couldn’t see anything loose or wrong with any steering components. They balanced and rotated my tires (315/70/17 A/Ts) but I still get the DW. They did say that the tires were all very bad out of balance and took a bunch of weights. The mechanic took stock wheels and tires off a Jeep on his lot and put them on my Jeep and never experienced the DW. So he is convinced that I just need to get new tires.

So my question is, has anyone experienced this problem and it actually be all in the tires? I hate to spend $1000 or more on new tires and that not fix the issue.
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My tires were near end of life. I was experiencing Death wobble after my life, added a beefier front track bar and that helped a good bit, but still never quite felt stable till I put the new wheels and tires on. So sort of, but if the tires are not bad and now correctly balanced, I would think you should be good.

The out of balance tires can cause it, but it should be good now. Either that or sounds like the shop screwed them up and time to take it to another shop.
IMO bad tires can contribute to the start of DW, but only if some component(s) is already worn enough to allow it to start.
I chased death wobble for a while and finally have it solved as of yesterday. I had actual Death Wobble and not speed wobble FYI. I also inspected all my components numerous times and never found anything and was frustrated to say the least.

Finally I decided to remove the track bar and hardware completely and I found my issue. On the frame side track bar mount the back hole was ovaled and not the front. It was not easy to see even with the bolt removed.

So my opinion with your issue may be that when you ran the stock tires from the other Jeep there wasn't enough weight/force to them to get the wobble started on your Jeep. But when you put your 35's back on there is enough weight to produce the force to start the wobble. My tires are about ready to be replaced and slightly out of balance and I have no wobble. Good luck.
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I agree with Maktaco. Your 35's likely contribute, but the source of the problem is somewhere else. Take it to another shop and get a second opinion. The likely suspect is a tie rod or track bar.
I find it interesting that id didn't happen until after you had taken it to that shop. If you don't find anything wrong take it to another shop for a second opinion there are a few shady shops around.....
Also tire pressure can make a difference. What pressure are you running in your tires? I run about 28 - 30 in my 37s.
Also tire pressure can make a difference. What pressure are you running in your tires? I run about 28 - 30 in my 37s.
Just want to point out that tire pressure will make a difference, but the problem is not your tire pressure.
I never lowered my tire pressure or paid attention to it for that matter until I had wobble issues. My Jeep ran smooth for 20k miles...until it didn't. Then I started throwing parts at it. Which was a waste of money.

Question: When the wobble happens, how much do you have to slow down for it to go away?
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