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Death Wobble started on 2017 JKU - was loose track bar

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The vehicle: 2017 JKU, 39,500 miles, factory BFG K02 265/70/17's. Suspension mods are limited to a set of TeraFlex 1" front spring spacers, a full set of Rancho 5000 shocks, and Rancho steering stabilizer.

I recently changed the steering stabilizer on our JKU to a Rancho unit. Stock replacement, nothing high end. Had installed Rancho 5000-series shock a few weeks prior.

Shortly afterward installing the steering stabilizer the Jeep started experiencing the dreaded Death Wobble. I thought it was occurring due to the rough roads we have in the area. I checked the front end for loose components, or at least checked most of them. Drove some more and the DW began to get worse.

Turns out the track bar retaining bolt on the passenger side was loose. I think it happened when we installed the TeraFlex front spring spacers, and we either forgot to tighten everything back properly or it worked its way loose. Either way, the bolt was definitely loose.

I thought I was looking at hundreds of dollars in front suspension parts to fix the issue. Thankfully I was very wrong!! Just a loose bolt. I have purchased another track bar in case, but so far so good.

2 bonuses to finding/fixing the problem:

1 - The Jeep is driving much more smoothly and the steering feels much more firm and responsive.

2 - My old torque wrench tops out at 100 ft/lbs., and the torque spec for the track bar is 125. So i treated myself to a new torque wrench with a higher rating.
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Glad you got it figured out - and was able to reward yourself with a new tool in the process. It's hard to believe even all the fancy technology something so simple as a single loose bolt can cause such a big issue. The little things really do matter.
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