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I'm looking at buying the following Jeep: 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ
A super strong 4.0L inline 6
5 speed
Performance centerforce clutch
4" RockKrawler lift
Bilstein shocks
Warn Zeon 7" wide fender flares
1 ton steering upgrade
Smittybilt SRC front tubular bumper
10000# winch
Smittybilt SRC rear bumper
Swingout tire carrier
Smittybilt XRC rock rails
T-case drop
Five Procomp wheels
5 Procomp 33" Extreme AT tires
Hardtop lined
Pioneer bluetooth deck
Upgraded dash and soundbar speakers
Superchips tuner
K&N FIPK intake
Exceptional condition.

Is this a decent looking build?

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Bilstien shocks are rough and harsh riding. One ton steering upgrade, if its not a currie upgrade then it is a downgrade. Smittybilt is nothing to brag about. The front bumper is going to be nothing more than a hollow tube. The rear bumper, if it includes the carrier, is nothing more than a sleeve over a post. Its a poor tire carrying design. Why add a 4" suspension lift only to drop the transfercase? That is what you are trying to get up and out of the rocks. Speaking of lift, what does RockKrawler use for bushings and joints?

Hardtop lined--with what? Superchips tuner, and intake are doing nothing for performance. If you need more power the only way to do it is with a regear, especially when running larger tires. It may sound like a nice jeep, but you would be spending a lot of time and money in making it function right.
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Welcome to the Forum smileycrawford,

Good Luck, L.M.
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