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Decisions Decisions RE 3.73 or 4.10

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Hey all. Maybe you all can help me think this through.

I'm looking to upgrade from a 2000 TJ sahara manual with 3.73 to a used 2012 or newer rubicon unlimited. I've been thinking I'd get one with the 4.10s but found a really clean 2014 with 3.73s; been looking for two months now and getting a little impatient LOL. I'm wondering if the 3.73 would be good enough for what we are going to do with it. We mostly do steep mining roads here in the eastern sierra and death valley. Planning to keep it mostly stock with maybe 33s in the future. Some of the places we like to explore are an hour or more away so the 3.73 would be nice on the highway.

we have numerous highway grades at 8%, bishop crk, pine crk, rock creek, etc etc., we frequently go up with our 2 labs and gear, 4.10s would be nice for those trips, or would 3.73 be sufficient?

I was thinking of getting the 4.10s as 2 and 3 gears (4lo), in the rubicon, are pretty similar to my current gearing in the TJ, see the attached pic with my crawl ratio calcs. I only use 1st 4lo in the TJ on the really steep ascents/descents or for the occasional rock garden/washouts. Mostly use 2nd gear (4lo) in the TJ for the steeps.

I'm wondering if 2nd in the rubicon with 3.73 will be too fast and force me into 1 which will be reeeaaaly slow.

I did test drive a 2012 rubicon with 4.10s and it was plenty powerful. it was turning 2500 rpm at 70.

I've attached a pic comparing the crawl ratios for our two jeeps, the TJ and GC against the rubicon and a sport unlimited.

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I vote 4.10. I have 3.73 now on stock tires and really wish I had a 4.10. You will be hard pressed to find anybody with 4.10s wishing they had 3.73s.
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