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Alright so my poor jeep is just sitting there waiting for something to be done to it... I can hear her calling now! So i'm not thinking anything big/ ezpensive. $2 or $300 tops. Heres my wish list (no particular order)
1. Warn Wireless Fog Lights (3.5" or 6.5", can't decide. Suggestions?)
2. Husky Liner rear cargo Liner
3. Some sort of bass. Thinking maybe one of those slim units with the amp built in (i've seen pics. I don't want a ton of bass... Just more!)
4. Lift (i'm not sure if this technically fits the budget.... :whistling:)
5. Replace factory speakers with Kickers (if it will give me more bass without having to put in a bass)
6. (this is where you suggest things! :popcorn: )
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