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I really thought going out and buying a used Wrangler would be a simple task; I have found it is not.

I really have my mind set on a 6 cylinder Wrangler with AC and a manual transmission. I wanted to build a mildly lifted Wrangler that I could run 33's or 35's on....or buy one already built.

I've seen a few deals on a few 4 cylinder Wranglers, so what is the downside of this engine with my build wants. Is this engine not the best option for the tire size I want. What about a transmission selection with the 4 cyl with these size tires. Would I be better with a manual?

In general, what are the most important red flags that I need to be concerned when looking for and inspecting a used Wrangler? What are the problem areas?

Thanks so much for chiming in.

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