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See lots of stuff around about the Jeep wave. The wave is alive and well locally here. In fact, when I'm driving my Dodge Caravan, I wave at the Wranglers I meet, out of habit. CJs, YJs, TJs, JKs, they all wave most times (when I'm driving my Jeep - not when I'm driving my Van).

How about understanding the Jeep better and knowing what is going on under your feet, to really appreciate the deeper meaning of the wave.

The following Chrysler Jeep site has a lot of basic and useful informaion Jeep - 4x4 Basics - SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles, 4WD, Off-Road 4x4s including:
1. HOW JEEP® 4x4 SYSTEMS WORK - both Rock-Trac and Command-Trac
Command-Trac I®
This legendary part-time system has served Jeep® owners well through the years. Command-Trac is a proven shift-on-the-fly system with a 2.72:1 Low-Range and Neutral
2. 4x4 Systems by Vehicle
4. ENGINEERING - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the Part-Time 4WD system?
A Part-Time system locks the front and rear driveshafts together. With a Part-Time system, 2WD mode should be used during normal driving conditions and 4WD mode is to be used only when off-road or on wet or slippery surfaces.
Can I shift into 4WD High Range at any speed?
Shifting into 4WD High Range can be made with the vehicle stopped or in motion. If the vehicle is in motion, shifts can be made up to 55 mph (88km/h).
How fast can I drive in 4WD High Range?
You should not go faster than road conditions permit.
Now, doesn't that Jeep wave mean a little more. If not, maybe this will help.
The Authentic SUV for those Seeking Extraordinary Journeys With almost 70 years of legendary 4x4 capabilities, the Jeep brand continues to fulfill promises of adventure, freedom, and independence for those who truly embrace life, whether traveling on or off road. The ruggedness and responsiveness of Jeep vehicles provide owners with a sense of security to handle any situation with confidence.

“The Jeep brand’s legendary heritage has made it one of the most recognized brands in the world”. “No other automotive brand today can say that it has consistently provided owners with a sense of freedom and adventure with the right mix of vehicles to safely take them where they want to go, whether it’s closer to nature and the outdoors, or maneuvering through city and suburbs.”
Wave with pride. :wavey:
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