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Thought I would provide a detailed review of the 275/65R18 (32" x 11") Goodyear Duratrac tires. When I was shopping around for tires for my 2014 JKU Sahara a couple of months ago I found plenty of reviews for the 33" size but very little on the 32". Hopefully this will provide others with the info. they need to make a better informed decision when considering replacement tires for their JK.

How I ended up with this particular tire was actually by pure chance. I had originally ordered the 255/70R18 Goodyear Duratrac from my local 4x4 shop which is the exact same size as stock. I didn't want to deal with spacers, any major lifting or trimming fenders, and recalibrating at the moment and I'm one of the few who really likes my stock Sahara wheels so getting the stock size Duratrac tire seemed like the most cost effective and logical thing to do. Unfortunately, the tires were on back order at the time so it was a waiting game for a few months for me.

When I visited the shop for a different reason shortly thereafter one of the techs by pure chance was removing a set of 275/65R18 Duratracs off another rig. It turns out the owner of these had buyer's remorse and wanted a larger size with a lift after all so the shop agreed to charge him cost for these tires and pull them off and try to resell them at cost. These tires by the way were brand new, just mounted with less than 10 kilometres (6 miles) on them. The tech assured me that if I had these installed I wouldn't experience any rubbing and that he could offer me these for $200 per tire. Given that this was $50 cheaper per tire than the skinnier Duratracs I ordered I was all over this deal. A few days later I was in the shop having them installed. It has now been a month that I've owned these tires.

Without a doubt these tires have exceeded my expectations when it comes to looks. Although they are advertised to measure exactly the same as my stock 32" Bridgestone Duelers they actually measure almost a full inch in diameter taller. My stockers at 34 PSI measured in at just over 31" mounted, while these tires mounted at 36 PSI measure in at exactly 32". The added inch in height, coupled with the more aggressive tread design and the added width really do make this tire look much more substantial than the stock ones. In this particular size, only the black sidewall version is available but black sidewall out is what I wanted anyway.

I was originally told by the service technician that this particular size would not cause any rubbing issues and even if it did, the rubbing would be very slight at full lock which could be easily remedied by slight trimming of the air dam. On my particular vehicle, I experienced no rubbing and no trimming of the air dam was necessary after the install. Although I didn't try disconnecting the sway bar yet, I have taken these through some off road terrain which involved mild to moderate flexing and I experienced no rubbing as of yet. Will come back here to do my three month update at which time I would have put these through some greater flex with sway bar disconnected and we'll see then if any rubbing did occur. With respect to how they fit in relation to the fender, the last photo I uploaded here shows that the fenders still stick out about half an inch beyond the outside wall of the tire.

My initial thoughts when I first drove off the lot was that these tires did feel slightly heavier than the stockers, which I was kind of expecting given the added width. Although it should be noted that the overall tire weight is only 2 lbs heavier than the Bridgestone Dueler ATs. The 275/65R18 Goodyear Duratrac SL weighs in at 46 lbs while the Bridgestone Dueler weighs in at 44 lbs. The feeling of added weight was as a result of the added width which resulted in larger pavement contact area which made the steering wheel just a bit tougher to turn.

Right away I noticed that these tires were comfortable and quiet on the road. I can confidently say that pavement manners on these are as good as the stock Duelers I had on before. I even feel that at times these absorb pot holes a bit better than the stockers but I still haven't figured out if that's just my imagination It could be due to the soft compound which does physically feel softer than the stock ATs, hopefully this won't contribute to faster tire wear, I guess I'll find out in due time.

One of my main concerns, given that my JKU is my daily driver, was fuel economy. I knew that with the added width my MPG would suffer somewhat, and I was right, but the good news is that this hit on fuel consumption is extremely minor. I've tabulated my consumption going through three tanks of fuel prior to swapping the tires, and I'm now completing my third tank after having these tires installed, and here are the results:

Bridgestone Duelers ATs
Tank 1 - 13.6L/100km (17.3 MPG)
Tank 2 - 13.2L/100km (17.8 MPG)
Tank 3 - 13.1L/100km (18.0 MPG)

Goodyear Duratracs
Tank 1 - 14.0L/100km (16.8 MPG)
Tank 2 - 14.1L/100km (16.7 MPG)
Tank 3 - 13.7L/100km (17.2 MPG)

The above numbers are based on same driving habits with pretty much the same driving routes, combined highway and city driving, in similar weather. I expect these numbers to improve a bit in the spring/summer and overall I'm pleased with the consumption.

One very positive note is that these perform exceptionally well in wet weather and in the snow. I've been hit by a couple of snow storms with these and I'm very pleased with the traction overall. They definitely grip better than the stock Duelers.

Longevity and Wear
Will come back at the 3 month mark, 1 year mark and 2 year mark to fill this in.

Overall Thoughts
Definitely a thumbs up in all departments.
Will likely get these again if they wear well when it's time to replace.


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