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detroit, eaton or arb?

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iLooking into a new 44 which of the three would be best for mostly street driven rig and snow ?
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As one with a Detroit Locker, I say to get the ARB Air Locker for your conditions. I love my Detroit but I wouldn't want to drive on icy roads with it much.

Installed correctly with the air lines routed with a little common sense, the ARB Air Locker is virtually bulletproof. It's the locker of choice for most I know that do some of the toughest trails in North America located in Johnson Valley California.

And do not make the mistake of upgrading to ARB's heavier-duty air lines. The factory air lines are way stronger than necessary but will snap if snagged and present you with a very easy 2-3 minute trail repair using ARB's quick & easy air-line splice kit. If you went with heavy duty air lines or steel lines like some screwed up and ran, they will rip out fittings instead making for a very difficult or impossible trail repair. This is right from ARB's management made in a presentation I attended for ARB dealers. :eek: They said they only brought out the heavier-duty air line for those who don't believe a standard air line can be strong enough... but according to ARB's management, it most definitely is when routed properly. :)
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Thank you Jerry for the back up. I did a lot of research, and asked the pro's, and the ARB's where definitely on top, every time. OX is good, but have had a lot of problems in the past. Thanks for putting more light, on a well lit subject.
Yep, even the ARB air compressor is problem free so long as it's not misused by being used as a primary source of air for airing up tires. The ARB Air Locker is a remarkable and reliable design that holds up well to the toughest trails imaginable. Those who mention problems they heard about are generally from those who didn't have them installed by an experienced ARB installer or who took shortcuts during the installation process.

Installed properly, the ARB will give many years of trouble-free performance. I dare say that I belive it is more reliable than the Ox Locker that I'm extremely familiar with, even with the Ox's current more refined and reliable version. :)
I can see your point of view Jack, I like both but I'm around more ARB users who swear by them. Of course they all believe my old clunky Detroit Locker is the devil himself reincarnated. ;) :D
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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