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This forum is the best! Thank you so much for posting the info about this death wobble. My '07 Wrangler is stock with <22k on the machine. Had a DW experience today at about 45mph, I am so glad I was driving and not the wife, she would never drive it again.
I was at the bottom of a hill making a slight RH turn to start up the other side and hit a bump. This is a paved road, new pavement not a big bump at all. Sent that thing into a wobble that nearly took the wheel out of my hands. I slowly braked and slowed down to about 20mph then it ceased the wobble. It was kinda hard to get back up to the speed limit because of the fear of it happening again.
I just got the Wrangler I have put about 1,000 miles on it. It was certified used, with a 3 mo/3000 mile warranty so I am takling it in on Monday. They claimed they have had problems with the steering dampers. I will use the info provided on this forum to look at the front end myself and see if any of the problems shown here exist. I can only say that was a scary experience! thanks again. Dale
1 - 1 of 684 Posts
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