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Did havk and tap loose all appeal

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Did hack and tap loose all appeal

I currently have a 231j with the terra low 4:1 and a standard SYE with cv rear driveshaft (not the rubi flange type)

I thought for winter snow running it might be fun to put together a beefed up 231j with the standard low ratio

I know I can get wider chain set up from a 231D-HD and a 6 gear planetary from a non rubi dodge 241. All should be pretty cheep with u pull charging $75 for complete transfer case and much less for internal parts

However to keep my current drive shaft I would need another SYE or do a hack and tap. I have a nice big lathe and carbide tooling so shortening drilling and tapping no big deal and it seams much cheeper and like a more fun project but I noticed all posting on hack and tap is pretty old so did something change people's mind about hack and tap?

Also any input on junk yard appropriate rear shaft connector to use with a DIY hack and tap

Really don't need to do it but thought it might be a fun project
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To me, a hack 'n tap is a perfectly viable mod. I don't recall anyone who actually personally installed one that ever had a problem with it. The naysayers are invariably those who have never actually installed one.
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